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We've got everything you need to enjoy your time in the waterpark.

Cabana Rental - Take your waterpark visit to the next level by renting our private cabana for the day. The cabana is complete with a cafe table and chairs, mini-fridge, plasma screen TV and two lounge chairs to make your visit relaxing and stress free! Call for advanced reservations.

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Make Your Cabana Reservation Online Now! Click here to make your reservation.

Lockers - Spacious locker rooms are available for both men and women and include large changing areas, showers, commodes, lockers and even a special machine that will spin the excess water out of your bathing suits to quicken the drying time and make transporting them back home easier for you! Families have their own special place to change which features large, lockable rooms complete with benches, sinks, commodes and a shower.

Towels - With everything else you have to remember to pack for your family on vacations – at Fort Rapids, towels aren’t one of them! Complimentary towels are available at the entrance for use during your visit to the waterpark. These towels can’t be taken home for souvenirs, but the towels available in the Trading Post Gift Shop would make a perfect keepsake from your trip.

Café - Playing in such a cool waterpark can be a lot of work. When you’re ready for some tasty vittles you’re only a few steps away from D.B.’s Sidewinder Café – the waterpark’s very own concession stand featuring favorites such as hot dogs, pizza, fries, cotton candy, popcorn, fried apple dippers and more!

RoundUp Wristbands
What is the RoundUp Wristband System?
The RoundUp Wristband is a guest locator and cashless spending system that assists guests in quickly locating party members by displaying their location on an electronic map of the resort. With the activation of a cashless account, guests will have the ability to purchase food, beverages and amenities throughout the resort without the hassles of carrying cash, credit cards or wallets.

How does it work?
Each registered member of a group will receive a RoundUp Wristband. If a member of the group becomes lost or separated, group members can scan their RoundUp Wristband at any RoundUp Station within the resort. An electronic map of the venue will appear, illustrating the location and, if desired, the quickest route to each group member. If a group has activated a cashless account, they may purchase items anywhere in the resort where the RoundUp Wristband Cashless System is available.

Where can I get one?
RoundUp Wristbands are given to each guest upon check-in and are included in the Room and Waterpark fee.

Where are the RoundUp Stations?
There are 7 RoundUp Stations in the resort. Locations include: Front Lobby, Canyon Café, Cascade Ballroom, Branding Iron Grille, Villa Suites entrance and two waterpark locations – the Main Entrance and D.B.’s Sidewinder Café.

Can I keep the RoundUp Wristband at the end of the day?
No. The RoundUp Wristbands are for use only during your stay and do not operate outside of the resort. In addition, the System is reset each night so the Wristbands will not operate if brought back on a later date. Please return all Wristbands to the Guest Service Desk at the end of your stay.

Will I be able to see everybody in the park who is wearing a RoundUp Wristband?
No. Guests will only be able to see those people who are registered in their group.

Do I need a RoundUp Wristband for myself, or can I just get them for my kids?
Whoever wants to access the System must have a RoundUp Wristband. If a parent wants to locate their kids or make a purchase at a Cashless Station, they will need a registered RoundUp Wristband as well.

Do we have to wear the RoundUp Wristband on our wrists?
Yes. In order for the System to achieve optimal reads, the RoundUp Wristband must be visible at all times. Purses, pockets, ankles, etc. are all places where reads could be blocked. Also, RoundUp Wristbands MUST be secured to the wrist to make an authorized transaction at any Cashless System Station.

Are the RoundUp Wristbands waterproof?
Yes, however, they cannot be read while under water. Therefore, it’s very important that guests wear them on their wrists to achieve optimal reads throughout the day.

What if there’s a problem?
Any problems or questions that arise while using the RoundUp Wristband system should be directed to the Guest Services Desk.

RoundUp Wristband logo

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